Dallas real estate market is going wild as homes are snapped up in days.

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Company's operating performance 

2016 / (EBITDA) $1,500,000 U.S.D. Investment with $2.1 million in sales. 


We pair our end home buyers with our preferred lenders with the best rates and programs to have a smooth and fast closing. 



Texas has 1,200 people moving here every day. Half of those people are coming to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. There are 25,000 single-family homes being built in Dallas county and there are 35,000 apartments being built. Dallas is quickly becoming a mecca for business and the home inventory is relativity low for the amount of job creation and equity being built. (Source:Dallas Morning News)

Choosing  the Deal

We tailor each partnership structure of each home investment to meet the risk and return objectives of the Partnership while striking the appropriate balance with the needs of the market. 18% to 20% return on each turnkey project. 

Investing in New homes vs flipping Homes

Let’s face it. Choosing the right real estate investment without knowing who built it or what lays under the old floor tiles can be scary and un predictable. We are the best choice in managing your most important decisions.